The Benefits of Seed

We offer our clients the choice! When installing seed you have a lot of options in the types of grass you are growing. There are custom seed blends for every condition and MSC has the experience to help you select the right seed variety for your needs. These blends range from high traffic sports fields to no-mow fescues, from fine turf to native prairies. The ability to select the perfect mix puts you on the road to your desired results.

Some of our Seeding Services include:

  • Specializing in Fine Turf:

    From Athletic turf to No-mow Fescues and everything in between, the experts at MSC can seed it all!

  • Seed Bed Prep:

    At MSC, we know that the key to a successful seed project is proper preparation of the seed bed. See the difference that MSC's state of the art equipment and experienced operators will make on your next seeding project.

  • Seed to Soil Contact:

    Germination rates will skyrocket when you have your seed in direct contact with the soil. Proper preparation and the right equipment ensures this happens on every project.

  • Compaction is the enemy:

    Seed will not perform in compacted soils. By tilling and aerating, MSC loosens the soil before seeding. The difference in results is amazing!

  • Grow-in Services:

    Once the seed has been installed correctly, the work doesn't stop. To get a great final product, have MSC help with our grow-in services. Give us a call and find out how we can help.

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