Robotic Field Layout / Painting

Let MSC's robot be the most valuable player on your field!

Ask yourself, how long does it take your staff to layout your fields for the first time each year? How many fields can your crews get laid out and accurately painted per day? We can give you back hours of valuable time and stripe each of your fields with +/- 1 cm accurately with the most accurate line marking technology available. What took your crew weeks can take us less than two days.

Our Sports Field Striping Templates:

  • Football - pro, college, high school, adult flag, youth flag

    Hash marks, Numbers, Restriction Lines, Team Areas

  • Soccer - all sizes and levels, fully customizable

  • Lacrosse - men's, women's, unified

  • Ultimate Frisbee

  • Rugby - union or league

  • Running Tracks

  • Throwing Vectors

  • Baseball, Softball - foul lines, restriction arc, gym class (kickball)

  • Parking Lots - special events, overflow

  • Social Distancing Boxes

  • Field Hockey

  • Cricket

  • Handball

  • Tennis

  • Quidditch

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