Natural Turf Services

MSC uses the latest practices and techniques for installing and maintaining natural turf. By using professional equipment, our experienced staff will install and maintain your natural turf for optimum performance.

Certified Sports Turf Managers identify and implement proper practices, to keep your fields safe, resilient and beautiful. Strong healthy turf is safer to play on, will provide more available hours of play and reflect the communities pride.

Our turf services range from a consultation visit to full field replacement and all things in between.

Some of our Natural Turf Services include:

  • Aeration:┬áReduce compaction, control thatch and improve turf health and vigor.
  • Topdressing:┬áMaintain a smooth and consistent surface while reducing thatch and provide a cover following overseeding.
  • Over-seeding: Improve turf density, recover high traffic areas and re-establish areas thinned by disease or insects.
  • Soil testing and Fertilization: Promote a healthy, dense and consistent playing surface that is able to recover following heavy use.
  • Integrated Pest Management Program: Application of right product at the right time in the correct amount to provide the safest possible playing conditions.
  • MSC Natural Turf Services Field Renovation Before Pic
    BEFORE: Field Renovation
  • MSC Natural Turf Services Field Renovation After Pic
    AFTER: Field Renovation
  • MSC Natural Turf Services Aerification
  • MSC Natural Turf Services Allianz Field Top Dressing
    Top Dressing at Allianz Field
  • MSC Natural Turf Services Fertilization 1
  • MSC Natural Turf Services Fertilization 2

MSC has been installing and maintaining natural turf for decades, let us help you as well!

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Ben Boeding
Turf Specialist
Certified Sports Field Manager

STMA Certified Sports Field Manager