Native Prairie

Installation of Native Seed and Plants

Over the past few years, including Native Vegetation as an aspect of design in commercial landscapes has risen in popularity. Whether it be in the form of Pollinator Gardens, Rain Gardens, or Tall / Short Grass Prairies, MSC has extensive experience in installing them all. We embrace this growing trend and have adapted our knowledge and equipment to meet the needs of our clients.

Keys to a Successful Native Planting Installation:

  • Setting Proper Expectations:

    Communication with owners and architects regarding the desired outcome and establishment timetable is crucial. All parties understanding that it takes 3 to 5 years for some prairies to become established.

  • Proper Soil Preparation:

    It is true that native plants will tolerate poor soils but they certainly establish faster in proper soil. Removing any weed growth and loosening compaction are key factors of seedbed preparation.

  • The Correct Seed Mix for the Area:

    Taking the time to make sure the seed mix that has been selected is appropriate for the area and understanding what the mix will look like once established. Let MSC help verify that the time and labor investment will end with the desired results.

  • Timing of the Seed Installation:

    Sometimes the construction schedule and proper seeding windows don't line up. Upfront discussions can produce options that will improve the final results

  • Proper Maintenance:

    Yes, that new planting does look like a bunch of weeds. The first 3 years of establishment is all about managing the weeds, while the new seedlings grow. Reducing competition for available light and water is what the main concern is in the first year. Controlling invasive weed growth needs to happen while the prairie establishes. Once established, native areas are resilient and the need for maintenance is reduced.

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