Erosion Control

Erosion Control

Stabilizing the soils on a construction site includes a proper installation and quick response to any surprises Mother Nature throws out there. MSC is well equipped to do both. We are a trusted partner with the top General and Landscape contractors in the Midwest because we care!

Some of our Erosion Control services include:

  • Specializing in Spray On Products:

    MSC has vast experience applying the best products in the industry with our 3,000-gallon hydro-seeder. Many of the new spray-on products can actually outperform blanket materials.

  • Large Roll ECB Laying Machine:

    Blanket product installations are completed faster and with less disruption with our large roll installer.

  • Temp Seeding and Soils Stabilization:

    Let MSC help you maintain your SWIP plan by using temporary seed our mulch, during your construction process.

  • MnDOT Certified Technicians:

    Our crews are MnDOT certified. Be certain that this important work is being done correctly!

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