3D Grading

3D Total Station Machine Controlled Grading

MSC can now achieve 1/8″ accuracy and is able to match grades to your existing edges. This level of perfection is repeatable year after year, once your customized surface has been created. Proper grading will greatly reduce rainouts. Give MSC a call and get the most out of your fields.

Some of our 3D Grading Services include:

  • Field Survey:

    MSC will mark and record the current grades on your infield, once you can see the irregularities, an accurate quote can be given to set your grades where they need to be to match perfectly with the surrounding field edges.

  • Low Ground Pressure(LGP) Dozer with wide flotation :

    We can move a large amount of soil, building the perfect subgrade, setting the stage for a properly built field.

  • Level Best Grading Box:

    Machine controlled grading, able to move significant amounts of material throughout a site or stockpile for removal. Our service leaves minimal track marks.

  • ABI Force:

    Our fine-tuning implement is also machine-controlled. We are able to polish your grade to within 1/8" tolerances, producing major league results on your field.

  • Repeatable as needed:

    Once MSC builds the perfect surface for your field in our Total Station, we are able to return to that identical surface every time we come out.

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