Synthetic Turf Services

“Synthetic Turf is not Maintenance-Free”

Synthetic turf does need maintenance. Over the lifespan of a synthetic field, it may become matted down, lose infill, buildup hardness and obtain debris. The field’s infill level and uniformity are important for athletes’ safety and performance. Maximize your field’s investment and lengthen the lifespan of your synthetic field with proper, timely maintenance.

Your field is a source of community pride as well as a recruiting tool. Maintain a field that all can be proud of; you’ll be the envy of your division!

MSC Synthetic Turf Services Field MaintenanceMSC offers synthetic turf maintenance for these issues and more. Some of the maintenance MSC offers include:

  • Deep cleaning for health of players and field
  • Impact testing to protect against concussions
  • Infill addition or replacement
  • Seam repair for field longevity

Our experienced synthetic turf specialist, Cody Gustafson, has a background in exercise science. He has been performing maintenance on synthetic fields ranging from professional to park and rec for over 5 years. MSC offers top of the line service with a variety of experience.

Synthetic Turf Maintenance Checklist

  • Field Health InventoryMSC Synthetic Turf Services Impact Testing
    • Hardness testing
    • Infill levels
    • Fiber health
    • Safety
  • Cleaning
    • Spot cleaning
    • Deep cleaning
    • Decompaction
  • Ongoing Maintenance
    • Seam care and repair
    • Spot maintenance

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Cody Gustafson
Synthetic Turf Specialist